Abortion Isn’t Always A Simple Case Of Wanting Or Not Wanting A Child

// Surgical Theater by Olivier Peulen

We ask about terminating the pregnancy. The doctor looks down at her notes and replies, “It’s late, but you still have that option.” Steve and I exchange clueless looks.

“Go home and sleep on it,” she says, as if sleeping is an option.

After the abortion, I fall into a depressive stupor. I spend days wracking my brain, trying to figure out what I might have done to cause my baby’s defects. Was it because I kept forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins? Could it have been the two beers I drank at the Indigo Girls concert before I learned of my pregnancy? Maybe it was my twice-a-week tennis lessons?

You go to the body’s resources to build a baby, and fat is one of those resources. Studies have shown that, for instance, dioxin — the active ingredient in Agent Orange — has been detected in body fat and seminal fluid 30 to 40 years after exposure.

It matters because while the right is engaged in an all-out assault on reproductive rights, it is also engaged on an all-out assault on evidence-backed science that in meant to protect our nation’s public.

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