Hi Jeremy,

A few thoughts. First, I appreciate your take on this matter, and in some ways it is more accurate than the Arc piece. However, I wish both you and the Arc author would have bothered to ask me (and Senti) a few questions rather than guessing at my motivations.

Second, I have apologized to Senti and have offered to make a public apology and, if she is willing, go through a restorative justice process with her.

Third, I may be white, but I'm also human and, like you, experience anxiety that has recently been exacerbated by caregiving responsibilities for two of my loved ones. In short, I'm overly reactive these days, and I regret several of the comments I made in response to Senti's Tweet. They demonstrated a lack of professionalism *on my part* and I should have walked away much sooner. Because I'm no stranger to trauma, I understand how exhausting it can me to holding up under a collective and ongoing trauma. But because I'm white, I don't understand—can't understand the trauma associated with racial injustices. And that's why I need to practice sitting down shutting up.

For the record, I support policies that promote equity including most affirmative action policies. Also, I would NEVER and have NEVER tried to take up a space that was intended for a writer of color. I often see calls for pitches for specific populations I am not a member of and have never once pitched those editors. In this case, I was in the process of hurriedly sending out several pitches for a piece that was pegged to and I wanted to get published before the election. In my haste, I HONESTLY did misread the acronym and did think I was emailing and editor at AAUW and I did think they might be interested in my article for one of their verticals that was not exclusively for women of color. I so understand that my original email looks bad and I wish I'd been more careful with my wording, but that is the truth. I also understand that because the behavior of other white women who've used their privilege to obtain access places not intended for them, I was not given the benefit of the doubt.

Before you bang the gavel on my personhood based on my recent errors in judgment, please consider reading the article that is at the center of this misunderstanding and "cancellation"—a cancellation that has resulted not only in loss of income, but actual *threats* against me and my family. Here its is: https://medium.com/@amyeroost/modesty-and-other-provocations-2b49f105b2d7

Essays, anthologies, and memoirs, oh my!!